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Sespe Fly Fishers

Need Help with your Casting??


The Sespe Flyfishers are now conducting Casting Clinics on the First (1st) Saturday of every month.  The clinics are free and open to the public.  If you would like to learn about fly fishing and casting the fly rod please join us.  If you do not yet have a rod, don’t worry, come and use one of ours.  Our clinics are currently conducted at Chumash Park, 750 S. Petit (at Waco) in East Ventura (off Telephone Road) from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.  If you have any questions contact our current Casting Director, Bob Smith (805) 647-3522.  Bob is available to anyone who would like some help with their casting.

  Bob Smith is our Casting Director and is an FFI Certified Fly Casting Instructor. 


On Feb. 3nd we will have our next “1 st Saturday Casting Clinic”. This month we will be offering a cast De Jour, The Haul. As before, it will be at Chumash Park in East Ventura, 9:00 to 11:00AM. The turnout from our members, and from the community, has been great. Your help in teaching those from the community is really appreciated. I’ve always felt that when you help others it helps you. Good news, since there has been such a good response we are going to continue our Saturday clinics on the first Saturday of every month untill further notice. So write CASTING on your calendar for the first saturday of the month. I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions as to how we can make our casting program better, and ways to reach those in our community who might have an interest in fly fishing (the local Star no longer has a Community Events section). Again, thank you for your support, and we’ll see you on the first Saturday of the month.


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